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“I previously tried 3-4 other chiropractors between 2004-2008 when I was blessed to have ChiroPlan Hawaii which allowed around 20 visits a year and I must say compared to what I know from the past...this was my best experience...Dr Anne truly cares and did things the others didn't...I have had this nagging shoulder pain the past 6+ months and no matter what products I used in the past like creams or 100X Phiten tape...the pain was crazy and never went away...but when I walked out the door after her appointment...it was amazingly gone...I thank God I found her on Yelp! Now that I have HMAA for the first time from my employer I was so happy when I called and was told yes...they cover chiro...so I will go as much as the plan allows and make use of it while I can.”
Shane S          
Honolulu, HI          

“My kids are aged 2 and 4. They are active kids who love to run, jump and wrestle. Because of their active lifestye, we have used Dr. Anne instead of a medical doctor to heal bumps and bruises. My daughter fell and hurt her wrist and Dr. Anne was able to fix the wrist, wrapped it up and my daughter's pain and swelling went away. My kids love going to see Dr. Anne and get their boo boos fixed. She is loving and caring and a blessing with her gentle way. I have been seeing her for prenatal care which is stellar! This is the best pregnancy so far because of her knowledge of how to get the baby positioned properly and how to help me deal with morning sickness, headaches and tension. If you have any question about seeing a chiropractor, take a chance and see Dr. Anne before you make up your mind that chiropractic is not the right care for you.”
Danielle R          
Honolulu, HI          

“This is so hard to write! We so miss Dr. Anne since she moved to Hawaii, I am tearing up as I write this! She became a precious part of our extended family through her gifted healing talents! She diagnosed critical issues for myself, my son, my daughter, my mother, my brothers and their kids. I don't believe in cloning but … Anyway, she has spared us years of unnecessary suffering by identifying food allergies, fractures, corrective exercises that actually solved years of maladjusted movements, and more. She is a treasure as a person, Mom, and Doctor. Thank you, Anne for caring for our family. We miss you so much!”
Jennifer B          
San jose, CA          

“I was at a point in my life where I came to the conclusion that back pain would be with me the rest of my life. I've been to more than half dozen chiropractors in 3 states, and was giving up hope as far as my back was concerned. Being an active person, this was unacceptable. Then I met Dr. Anne. The first day she treated me, I knew that she was different than my previous chiropractors. Because of my scoliosis, I knew the back pain would not be gone overnight. I've been seeing Dr. Anne for more than a year now. She has been a Godsend, and I am ever so thankful. She is a “genuine” person that I would highly recommend to anyone.”
Mark R          
Union city, CA          

“To say Dr. Anne is a miracle worker might be overstating things, but only minutely. She has successfully helped me with a plethora of injuries, both old and new. I originally went to her for a chronically sprained ankle, On that visit she also fixed my collarbone which jutted out a half inch on one side from a shoulder separation almost 2 decades earlier. WOW, what a difference visually to have even resting shoulders! I love it. I love her work. Flat feet-She lifts them Karate Contusions-No problem Hammer toes are straightened, Bunion pain eased. Sciatic pain eliminated. Stiffness in neck anihilated. Menstrual cramps decimated. Since going to her I am also learning to read my body's cues better. I no longer have to wait until I seriously injure myself to see a doctor. Now I recognize the first signs and can have them alleviated before they incapacitate me. Bottom line: If you pass this particular doctor up, you will be missing out. This is superior service all around.”
A. H          
San jose, CA          

“Ann was very gentle and tested Meisha for any auditory ossicle (bones of the inner ear) fractures prior to any manipulations. I was impressed with her knowledge and precautions taken prior to further treatments. Being a mother and therapist myself, I trust Dr. Ann's abilities to safely treat my daughter. I recommend any child who is having skeletal-musculature pain or disfunctions, to Dr. Ann.”
Sara R          
Santa clara, CA          

“A close friend of mine recommended Dr. Anne to me and she has truly changed my life. I go to her with pain in my back and I leave her office feeling wonderful. She has such a beautiful loving energy. Kassandra is also wonderful. They are also wonderful with children. I thought my child's finger was broken, so I took her to Dr. Anne instead of the emergency room. She said her finger was bruised not broken. She treated my daughter's finger and my daughter felt better that same day. I never go to a conventional doctor first. If Dr. Anne tells me I need to go then I go. Thank you so much for all you do Dr. Anne and Kassandra. You are truly gifts from God. My family truly love you both.”
Melanie H          
San jose, CA          

“I was having a lot of pain in my neck and was seeking relief, when I first came to Dr. Anne about 4 years ago. Being that I had never been to a chiropractor, I was very hesitant to go. However, Dr. Anne came highly recommended from several work mates of mine, whose opinions I trusted. Immediately upon my first visit, not only was she able to relieve and rid me of the pain, but she was very caring, and very attentive to what I shared. Since then, I now consult her for most everything, including anything bothering my 6 year old son. She has worked on him when he's had a cold, fever, allergies, and is able to effectively ease the symptoms and improve his condition. Dr. Anne has such a broad range of treatments, and is so effective, that I now see her first before my regular doctor. She is kind and considerate, and is in the true sense, a doctor - someone who does all they can to improve your health, gets to the root cause of the problem, and who listens to their patients needs and wants....and helps!! Thank you Dr. Anne!”
Ellen P          
San jose, CA          

“I have been a patient of Dr. Takata from the very opening of her own practice. I probably was amongst her first patients and still see her today! I moved to Germany a while ago and still make appointments with her every time I come back to the Bay Area. That says everything. To this day, I haven’t met a chiropractor who treats patients with so much care, passion, kindness, skill and professionalism. I am 41 years old and still practice Taekwondo and soccer. Dr. Takata is the very reason that I can still enjoy these tough sports. She treated all my sports injuries - muscle pain, bruised ankles, foot and knee injuries, neck problems, and a misaligned back - there wasn’t an injury she couldn’t immediately diagnose and find appropriate treatments. I will forever be grateful and indebted to her. Apart from that, Dr. Takata truly treats her patients as family. Time and time again, she went out of her way to accommodate my scheduling wishes or to see me at short notice to treat an acute injury. I always felt welcome and, quite literally, in very good hands. I very highly recommend Dr. Takata. She is in a class of her own.”
Wolfgang F          
Wiesbaden, Germany          

“I first started seeing Dr. Anne for regular aches and pains, but very quickly, she was helping with an extraordinary variety of health problems, including kidney disease, stress, foot pain, headaches that no physician could ever ease, and much more. I've been bringing my two young children to her since they were tiny babies. One very specific example of her effective treatment is my son's blocked tear duct. Our pediatrician had referred us to a surgeon to have it cleared, even though I'd been massaging the area as instructed. In one or two visits with Dr. Anne, his duct was clear, even though the pediatrician had said it was too late to self-correct. I think of Dr. Anne more of our family healer than a chiropractor! I also want to mention how helpful and accomodating her practice is. Kassandra will call ahead to verify your benefits and figure out the very bets value for your coverage, and the whole office is very kid-friendly. Thank you, Dr. Anne and Kassandra!”
Jane D          
San jose, CA          

“If I was a billionaire, I would give Dr.Anne the funds to open her own school and have her family set for life. I started to see Dr. Anne in 2001 after a major car accident. Previous to Dr. Anne, i saw another D.C. who worked on me for over 8 months and constantly over charged me. What Dr. Anne did to me in one session, the previous D.C. could not do in a year. She is magnificently gently and has amazing results.She has helped me when doctors could not. Dr. Anne is amazing, caring and highly intuitive. . Cardiologist, pulmonologist, have seen the drastic change in my health after being treated by Dr. Anne and have asked for her number for patient referrals. She has helped me through my pregnancies, and she has successfully treated my daughter since she was a newborn for colic, acid reflux, candida, allergies and asthma. There are not enough words or space for me to express how wonderful Dr. Anne is. She is a gift from heaven!! Cassandra, her assistant is also the sweetest person you will ever meet. Very loving warm atmosphere and Kid friendly. You just gotta go. ”
Suzette marie R          
Campbell, CA          

“I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Anne. When I first went to her office, I was at wits end with the pain that emulated from the middle of my back. After a few treatments, I walked away feeling 10 years younger! Everyone has commented on my posture and attitude. One of the best decisions I have ever made was to go and seek out Dr. Anne. Cassandra is an absolute jewel and they both make such a dynamic team! ”
Loretta H          
San jose, CA          

“I was introduced to Dr Anne by a close friend. She initially treated me for allergies, but has has gone to help me with so many other aches and pains. She has a wonderful caring ability to hone in on what you really need her to help you with. Both my husband and 5 year old son are her patients now, as her holistic approach to healing has helped us tremendously. Dr Anne and her assistant Cassandra are professional, caring very respectful of you as a person. I highly recommend Dr Anne.”
Radha K          
Campbell, CA          

“After my former beloved chiropractor of almost 20 years retired, I never thought I'd find another I could like as much. I was blessed to find Dr. Anne. She has an uncanny ability to find the spots where the pain originates and is very gentle, but highly effective, in her healing. I would recommend her to anyone!”
Daryll O          
San jose, CA          

As you can see, Dr. Takata has helped many people feel better and live healthier. If Dr. Anne has made a difference in your life, please feel free to add your testimonial using the quick form on the left. Thanks!